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CSR and Sustainability in India: Conversations, interactions, ideas, points of view, and challenges from Silver Circle Meet, Mumbai
So we meet again. There are informal introductions, conversations over almost everything, and good old repartees, with in-between tea and lunch breaks to discuss what we all do and what we can and may do, together as well as in our individual capacities...Read more...
Caritas India: Good work needs to be seen and heard too
A key difference vis-à-vis traditional NGOs is that Caritas India works with numerous partner organisations and invests its resources in building up their capacities and also provides technical and organisational assistance for the same. Another important thing to note is its presence in all major cities and across most states in India, including the oRead more...
BoscoNet beneficiaries: They lived to tell their tale
Pradan and the Indian SHG movement
Inde et Nous: Small NGO, big commitments
Christel House: Breaking the cycle of poverty in classrooms
CSR: Mahindra Rises for Good
Interestingly, unlike his corporate counterparts in the global North, Anand Mahindra does not believe in the Gates and Buffett school of corporate philanthropy. His take on it is that India ‘need(s) a billion givers rather than a billion dollars by a single giver’.Read more...
Show me a Hero
Tata Steel Rural Development Society: Creating sustainable means of living
Hitachi, living together with society
Pfizer India: Making healthcare its business

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